Zurich police have managed to deal a decisive blow against organized crime. The alleged head of the Zurich-based Turkish-Swiss gambling gang was arrested after it was said to have made millions through illegal casino games and sports betting.

As “SRF Investigativ” and “Reflexion” learned, the Zurich cantonal police arrested several people directly linked to illegal gambling. arrested. Including the suspected leader of the gang.

The gist was various illegal gambling sites with sales of several million francs a month. It is also said that dozens of bars belong to an inter-cantonal gambling network. Attempts by Swiss authorities to block gambling sites have regularly been thwarted, with the sites often reappearing a few days later under a slightly different name.

The gambling boss’s machinations were first revealed to the public through the podcast “The Antepay Case” produced by SRF and Reflexion. Several months of investigation revealed that the main suspect was responsible for the illegal gambling sites in question and also had a hand in payment processor Antepay.

This already happened in 2016 Gambling and Addiction Institute (İGA) in front of illegal gambling sites that have become the target of the investigation, warned. At the time, the institute received numerous complaints from players regarding irregularities regarding deposits and withdrawals. It was now possible to provide the investigating authorities with information that ultimately contributed to the arrests that now took place. “This is also the duty of protecting players,” says Roman Neßhold, President of the Gambling and Addiction Institute.

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