Next big win in SUPER 6 will earn Free State €100,000

The Thuringian State Lottery may announce its third big win of the year today. In the LOTTO 6aus49 draw held on Saturday, January 20, 2024, the 1st category prize in the additional lottery SUPER 6 was won with 100,000 Euros.

Additionally, this game order on LOTTO 6aus49 reached prize category 8 three times, worth €9.70 each. The lucky Thuringian can look forward to winnings totaling €100,029.10 in his account. The ticket was sent online.

“Fantastic! The year continues wonderfully for the Thuringian Game participants,” said Jochen Stashewski, managing director of the Thuringian State Lottery. “Congratulations to the winners. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all our customers!

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