The SiGMA Asia Summit in Manila was nothing short of a sensational success that made headlines and made a sharp industry impact as it hosted more than 12,000 delegates at SMX, the Philippine capital’s largest convention centre.

a national impact

The highly anticipated event was sponsored by the Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), a highly influential agency in the Southeast Asian country’s gaming industry in particular.

One goal that SiGMA Group came to fruition by hosting this Summit was to bring our extensive network in the West to the most influential and important powers in the Philippine and Asian sectors.

opening ceremony

PAGCOR President Alejandro H. Tengco addresses the SiGMA Delegation for Asia.  (Photo: SiGMA Group)
PAGCOR President Alejandro H. Tengco addresses the SiGMA Delegation for Asia. (Photo: SiGMA Group)

Embracing with open arms, PAGCOR President and CEO Alejandro H. Tengco was present with SiGMA Group Founder Eman Pulis at the opening of this event, the first event of SiGMA Asia.

The President, who was presented with a portrait presented to him from SiGMA in recognition of PAGCOR’s inspiring support for the event, also took the stage to make the opening speech.

Beginning by expressing gratitude for all the hard work he inherited as President of the company, Tengco brought a wealth of local industry insights in the form of PAGCOR’s future plans.

He stated:

“Engagements like this are an effective platform to communicate the organization’s purpose to boost the gaming industry in the Philippines. Ensure the integrity of the gaming industry and excellence in preventing illegal gaming operations.”

Tengco addressed numerous aspects of PAGCOR’s plans, including upgrading and rethinking of regulations and accompanying regulatory guidelines, new project launches, revenue efforts by the Philippine government to sustain nation-building projects, and the organization’s landmark change. purely regulatory tasks.

Emphasizing cutting-edge technology and recognizing excellence

The Conrad Hotel's Grand Ballroom hosted the SiGMA Asia Awards.  (Photo: SiGMA Group)
The Conrad Hotel’s Grand Ballroom hosted the SiGMA Asia Awards. (Photo: SiGMA Group)

The first day of the internationally acclaimed event, SiGMA Asia AwardsAn evening that brings prestige and buzzing excitement to the Grand Ballroom of the Conrad Hotel.

The generously supported BetConstruct event recognized a total of 26 outstanding companies showcasing their latest projects, exceptional service and innovative achievements.

The event also honored Alejandro Tengco once again for his and PAGCOR’s outstanding contributions to the global gaming industry.

However, the event did not result in the final prize as a charity auction supporting the charity SiGMA Foundation.

Many unique artworks were up for grabs in the thrilling bidding competition, including an enigmatic portrait of Filipino national hero and legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, which sold for €4,000.

SiGMA Foundation

Keith Marshall, Chairman of the SiGMA Foundation.  (Photo: SiGMA Group)
Keith Marshall, Chairman of the SiGMA Foundation. (Photo: SiGMA Group)

SiGMA Groups’ charitable arm has long sought to make a positive difference in various areas affected worldwide.

The first SiGMA Asia Summit gave the Foundation an opportunity to interact with its prestigious platform when Chairman of the Board, Mr. Keith Marshall, stepped onto the SiGMA/AGS stage the morning after the SiGMA Asia Awards.

He made enthusiastic statements about the works carried out with great care and diligence:

“I am very happy that the foundation has been given a voice for the silent. It was inspiring to bring me here on the SiGMA stage to discuss what we are doing and how we can collectively work to expose the plight of so many souls in Ethiopia, Colombia and the Philippines. Let’s continue to do what we can, when we can, for the people we can.”

Sharp keynotes and re-creative industry discussions

SiGMA Summits are world-renowned for the industry-leading insights brought to events and the refreshing visibility the platform provides to innovative new ideas.

The first event of SiGMA Asia brought with it countless fresh, industry-shaping discussions from global industry leaders.

Esports Industry in the Approaching Age of Artificial Intelligence

An example of this was a panel dedicated to understanding artificial intelligence (AI). The context of the esports industry.

The panel featured Shin Boo Ponferrada, a true Esports authority who brought decisive insights to the discussion. Panel members Marco Kowalevski discussed with Starzz LLC Founder, Daredevil Media Co-Founder Jared Dillinger and Senior Development Manager Alex Chernavin.

A number of different topics were discussed, including artificial intelligence that takes away players’ ability to cheat using unauthorized information, the nostalgic significance of many esports concepts and components, and the profound abilities AI has to develop seminal areas of the industry such as first-person shooters. offers.

Marketing beyond your target market

Clinton Sparks (Photo: SiGMA Group)
Clinton Sparks (Photo: SiGMA Group)

Entrepreneurial visionary and award-winning DJ, Clinton Sparks He also made a conference appearance.

Delivering a keynote re-centring multiple marketing techniques, Sparks focused on expanding companies beyond their current target markets and unlocking the true potential of the gaming industry.

Recognizing many people’s negative perceptions of the gaming industry, Sparks explains how an organization can use new approaches that focus on alternative language and connect with people on a more personal level.

The highly informative talk also touched upon the really positive impact of gaming and how it brings a different approach to communicating with a large number of viewers across various platforms.

Startups and sensational deals

SiGMA Asia also gave a number of high-tech start-ups a unique opportunity to showcase their most unique concepts and viable ideas to the industry-leading delegation in the form of SiGMA’s coveted exhibition space.

An impressive number of start-ups have been set up in exciting colorful booths throughout the SMX Convention Center to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas in the most creative way imaginable.

SiGMA Step

the SiGMA Field Competition it also saw a return that brought an even greater opportunity to 6 carefully selected start-ups from the fairground.

These selected companies were given the prestigious opportunity to present their most unique concepts live on stage in front of a panel of experienced professionals and industry leaders.

While every competitor would benefit significantly from the inspiring positive exposure, Credexon emerged as the top winner and, as he rejoiced at the award, said:

“It was really nice that SiGMA got to know us and could bring something different while being accepted by the market.”

Credexon, SiGMA Asia Pitch winners.  (Photo: SiGMA Group)
Credexon, SiGMA Asia Pitch winners. (Photo: SiGMA Group)

Captain FC

MMA fighting promotion Centurion has also announced its exciting presence, bringing an interesting format to Casa Ibarra, Manila with its fighting card, CFC Rex Orientem.

Attendees enthusiastically witnessed an exciting 4-player tournament culminating in the main event championship game.

This event is the fourth and penultimate 4-man tournament to form part of the Centurion FC series, which is scheduled to culminate in the Champions of Champions event, where an undisputed champion will rise above the rest of the field.

Sunset at SiGMA Asia

SMX Convention Center, Pasay Manila, Philippines.  (Photo: SiGMA Group)
SMX Convention Center, Pasay Manila, Philippines. (Photo: SiGMA Group)

Hosting numerous inaugural events this year, SiGMA’s Asia Summit was no exception to the great success that the SiGMA group continues to achieve.

It provides unique networking opportunities that bring together industry leaders, regulatory forces, innovative start-ups and influential affiliates, creating internal industry ties and a much more supportive infrastructure surrounding the globally important gaming industry.

Held on the storied backdrop of both a historical and a developing center in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, the SiGMA Asia Summit achieved the ambitious goals set by the organization at the highest level, with more exceptional events to follow.

SiGMA Balkans/CIS

As a globally recognized hub for networking, SiGMA Group is eyeing the Balkans this September. SIGMA Balkans/CIS Summit Cyprus is going to Limassol.

a home owner networking opportunities and industry-leading knowledge panel discussions, keynote speeches, kick-off presentations and much more will come out of the highly anticipated event, which will fit in 3 days in various cities of Cyprus.

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