Eurojackpot: Germany’s streak continues

14.3 million euros to Lower Saxony: The German jackpot streak continues in the Eurojackpot lottery. This is already the fourth consecutive jackpot going to Germany. (Photo: Veikkaus)

The German jackpot streak in Eurojackpot continues. A player from Lower Saxony won approximately 14.3 million euros in the draw on Tuesday, August 15th. This is already the fourth consecutive jackpot going to Germany.

Winning numbers 12, 21, 23, 26, 41 and Euro numbers 5 and 6 have been announced in the Eurojackpot lottery draw on Tuesday, August 15th in Lower Saxony, with prize category 1 announced. The prize money is 14,292,377.90 Euros.

Longest streak

The current win is the eleventh jackpot won this year: seven times on Tuesday and four times on Friday. Particularly noteworthy: The last four jackpots went to Germany. There has never been such a long string of hits by a country participating in the European lottery. Just last Tuesday (8 August), a whistleblower from Saxony-Anhalt won ten million euros. Two jackpot hits stood out, with 117.2 million euros in Hamburg on 4 August and 120 million euros in Schleswig-Holstein on 23 June.

Another millionaire and big winner

In the draw on August 15, there is another millionaire in second place: a player in Denmark is satisfied with 2,674,155 euros.

In the third place category, there are five other top winners in the six-digit range. EUR 115,655.70 each was won in Bavaria (2 times), North Rhine-Westphalia, Norway and Sweden. This brings the high number of wins in the nine- to six-digit range to 444 in 2023.

next drawing is friday

Eurojackpot restarts next Friday (August 18th) with ten million euros in the next jackpot stage. It is possible to participate in the game until 19:00 on the day of the draw, at the lottery acceptance points and online. possible. The deadline for admission may vary by federal state.

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