He really put everything on one card…

Quirin Heinz made the leap that many recreational gamers dream of. He’s a professional poker player and he risked a lot for it. He turned his part-time job into his dream job. He is now one of the most successful German online publishers.

From penniless student to poker pro

Heinz explains to BILD, “It actually all started after Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP in 2003. When I was younger, I used to play poker from time to time to have fun with my friends. He dived a little deeper into the game to make some extra money. It worked out pretty well. ”

Only in BİLD New poker school with top star Bencb

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It went so well that he decided to play poker professionally. “After successfully completing my training, I decided to tackle this even more intensely. I wanted to try it for at least a year,” says Heinz. To do this, he signed up for a streaming platform and made his game public.

Heinz is already well known in poker circles

Heinz is already well known in poker circles

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Heinz: “This year, where I’ve been streaming all my sessions LIVE on Twitch, I’ve had some good success. There were also some initial small sponsorship deals. From then on, it was clear to me: I’ve been wanting to play poker full time for a very long time, and thankfully now I can. ”

under the name Q poker If it’s still active on the streaming platform, it now has a decent fanbase as well. However, defending oneself against competition is now a difficult task. What sets it apart?

“I think I’m very transparent and honest with everything. This also applies to my feelings. Therefore, viewers are intimately experienced not only with my ups but also my downs,” admits Heinz. “Learning poker-related content, It conveys my faith. I’m not as good as I am. So if you want to improve your game, not only welcome to my streams, but I am confident that I can turn the success curve up for all viewers.”

And where does he see himself in 5-10 years?

Heinz: “When playing poker, you never stop learning. Of course that applies to me too, so I’m constantly training myself. I’ve already had some great successes and tournament wins over the last few years. But I’m not tired yet and of course I still want to win. LIVE and online. Additionally, I set myself the goal of providing the best poker content in the German-speaking market.”

It’s already off to a good start…

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