Things are not going well for Max Kruse right now. He is out of the club due to injury and the professional player had to take a particularly hard blow.

It turns out that football star Max Kruse was scammed for half a million euros. According to “The Image,” a gang of five is said to have cheated on a large number of players at a poker tournament. Since Monday, the five brothers, aged between 37 and 46, have had to answer in the Dresden District Court.

Charge: Commercial gang fraud in 29 cases. Ronny Garbuschewski is said to be among the defendants – also a football player (including Fortuna Düsseldorf and Hansa Rostock). Damage amounted to at least 528,695 Euros.

Marked cards, cameras and hidden hand signals

When it was reported that Garbuschewski was recruiting players for poker evenings at his clubs in Rostock and Zwickau years ago, he received negative attention. He got into a gang of swindlers because of his gambling debts. Having a lot of free time as a football professional was also a reason.

The report stated that marked cards, infrared cameras, Bluetooth headsets and hand signals were used in the tournaments. The cards are said to have small scan codes on the side that cameras can scan to calculate who will win the game. The result was then transmitted to the map provider via the Bluetooth connection.

Hidden hand signals allowed players starting the game to see who would win the round, thereby controlling the bets. The profit then went to the started players and was split.

Kruse was a victim when it was reported that he lost 5,000 euros in Hamburg in 2014. According to the indictment, he was caught in the fraud of the gang. On the judge’s question, Garbuschewski said: “I wasn’t there with Max Kruse.” After the agreement with the judiciary, the suspect admitted that he had committed fraud. Previously, there was an agreement on the postponement of sentences.

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