On 2 August 2023, the Joint Gambling Authority of States (GGL) published the now valid Secure Server Technical Guide for the Interstate Gambling Supervision System (LUGAS) in version 1.15 (TR).

TR defines the content and communication infrastructure between providers and the authority that will fulfill the requirements to maintain the gaming license.

insic has been accompanying different versions of TR since version 1.1, released on June 24, 2021. Shortly after publication, adapted software versions of the insic Safe server are made available based on experience gained from the development and operation of secure infrastructures regulated under the Schleswig-Holstein Gambling Act. Insic has also been developing and operating the vault in accordance with Danish law since 2017.

Data from online platforms stored in the vault contains information about players, player bans, management of limits, gaming transactions (bets, spins from virtual slot games and poker rounds), deposits and withdrawals, and the use of central files (activity and limit). Files) in the form of Events.

The content is transferred to the insic Safe server via the insic standard API, close to the authority’s specifications. Insic age verification system (AVS) is also available through this API. Load tests on a small infrastructure compared to TR 1.14 allowed 10,000 writes per minute, enabling near real-time processing even for larger volumes.

The transmitted data is aggregated and made available to authorities as compressed data blocks of up to 200,000 events in signed chunks for collection via a special web service.

The tests required by GGL are divided into two phases and are expected to be completed by September 26, 2023.

The first step involves a particularly demanding verification of the certificates, fragments, signatures, and the underlying structure of the transferred payload. In the second stage, content processing is checked and validated using predefined test scenarios.

insic can accept individual last minute projects and save them for testing before the official deadline. Initial testing infrastructure is delivered within one business day using a standardized provisioning process. We provide production infrastructure within a few days so that our customers can concentrate on secure server content.

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