Sergej Barbaraz always played the ball accurately. Now he too wants to draw the right cards at the poker table. (Photo: Witters)

Among the football players there are sometimes one or two gamblers who ostensibly risk their princely pay at the poker table. SC Paderborn pro Max Kruse is probably one of the most famous poker fans. But former HSV pro Sergej Barbarez is also trying to gamble. According to the news of “Bild”, the Bosnian player will participate in the World Poker Tour and will fight for a place in the final of the event in Liechtenstein. The guaranteed winning pool is just over one million Euros. The winner will receive at least 250,000 Euros. Anyone who knows Barbarez knows that the 51-year-old man never does anything half-baked. When he enters the competition, he does it to win. By the way, the entrance fee for the tournament is only 1,100 Euros.

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