Daniel Negreanu, High-Stakes Duel 4 Champion. It took about three hours for the Canadian to knock out Doug Polk in a $200,000 game.

Last night, the second game of High Stakes Duel Season 4 took place at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Daniel Negreanu, who took part in the first round, joined the table Eric Persson was abandoned as well as his rival, Doug Polk.

The leadership has changed several times, as it is not unusual in such a format. After Negreanu pulled a bit, Polk turned the combo into a flush and took the helm.

Daniel Negreanu also conceded the next important pot with a flush. DNegs failed the walnut blushed but Polk kept up We played a draw and an aggressive game.

Doug Polk failed in the last hand built in an open end and river up to a pot. Daniel Negreanu He called the first three bets and thought after Polk had made his all-in move.

This left Daniel Negreanu the winner of the match and the champion of High Stakes Duel 4. Doug Polk can definitely take the loss. The former poker pro made over $1.2 million from DNegs about two years ago.

toFirst hour of alert It can be viewed on YouTube. If you want to watch the whole game, you should go. PokerGO stop by. Here you can also see all previous episodes of High Stakes Duel.

High Stakes Duel – All previous matches

PokerGO High Stakes Duel
High Stakes Duel I
31 July 2020 Phil Hellmut Antonio Esfandiari $50,000
September 23, 2020 Phil Hellmut Antonio Esfandiari $100,000
21 October 2020 Phil Hellmut Antonio Esfandiari $200,000
High-Stakes Duel II
March 31, 2021 Phil Hellmut Daniel Negreanu $50,000
May 5, 2021 Phil Hellmut Daniel Negreanu $100,000
June 23, 2021 Phil Hellmut Daniel Negreanu $200,000
High-Stakes Duel III
28 July 2021 Phil Hellmut Nick Wright $50,000
Aug 25, 2021 Phil Hellmut Tom Dwan $100,000
January 26, 2022 Tom Dwan Phil Hellmut $200,000
17 May 2022 Phil Hellmut Scott Seiver $400,000
December 7, 2022 Phil Hellmut Jason Koon $800,000
High Stakes Duel IV
8 May 2023 Daniel Negreanu Eric Person $50,000
24 Aug 2023 Daniel Negreanu Doug Polk $100,000
Daniel Negreanu High Stakes Duel 4 Champion
Daniel Negreanu, High Stakes Duel 4 Champion (Photo: PokerGO.com)

High-Stakes Duel – Record Ever

High Stakes Duel Results
Jason Koon 1-0 +800,000$
Phil Hellmut 9-2 +450.000$
Eric Person 0-1 -$50,000
Nick Wright 0-1 -$50,000
Tom Dwan 1-1 -100,000$
Doug Polk 0-1 -100,000$
Daniel Negreanu 2-3 -200,000$
Antonio Esfandiari 0-3 -350.000$
Scott Seiver 0-1 -400,000$

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