WestLotto calls for concrete steps towards organizing loot boxes. “The discussion that something needs to be done is now over. We must now bring politicians and all stakeholders together with concrete regulatory proposals,” said Axel Weber, responsible for responsible gaming at WestLotto, in a webinar held by officials under the title: Lootboxes – solutions for separating entertainment and gambling.

Axel Weber is responsible for responsible gaming at WestLotto. (Photo: West Lotto)

WestLotto had already brought up the idea of ​​the roundtable a few weeks ago and repeated the call for a big exchange in the webinar. “The gaming industry should not withdraw from the discussion either,” Weber explained. Rather, a concrete look beyond the law of gambling would be helpful. “We need a forward-looking perspective. For example, can the Youth Protection Act offer a solution?” “We shouldn’t limit the discussion to loot boxes. It’s about all gambling-like elements,” said Axel Weber.

Is the Youth Protection Act the right footing?

How and above all where they should be regulated in the future was the focus of discussion with well-known gambling experts from the legal sciences. “We need this roundtable,” stressed lawyer Dr. Andreas Woerlein. Regarding youth protection law, attorney Carsten Bringmann said: “I greatly sympathize with the way the issue is being addressed at the federal level. Gambling law is aimed at adults, so it should be questioned whether appropriate regulation can be made there or whether the Youth Protection Act provides the right basis.

Professor Doctor. Julian Krüper, Head of Research in Public Law, Constitutional Theory and Interdisciplinary Law, Ruhr University Bochum. “We are advancing in the border region of consumer protection, gambling regulation and youth protection.” Lennart Brüggemann raised the issue of arranging the loot boxes and at the same time put the federal government in charge of finding a solution throughout Germany. Like Carsten Bringmann, Brüggemann identified a roundtable meeting with all interested parties as the next important step.

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