A blackjack player in the US is taking action against Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk. The staff tried to scare him because he was counting cards. There will now be $3,000,000 in damages.

An interesting case is currently being heard in the US state of Colorado. Joseph Shiraef had a few hours to kill as he waited for his flight home at Denver International Airport.

The avid blackjack player went to the nearby Ameristar Casino. Shortly before leaving the casino, an employee approached him and asked to see his ID.

The casino guest denied this request, as Joseph Shiraef had already authenticated himself when entering the casino and was wearing a valid visitor wristband. As Shiraef stated in the lawsuit, he suspected he had already been discovered as a ‘talented actor’ and feared being entered into a database.

The situation escalated quite quickly. Chip payment was refused to Joseph Shiraef, who did not want to miss his flight. What was absolutely exciting was that the 34-year-old wasn’t even black and had lost nearly $4,000 in the session.

When Shiraef later left the casino in his car, he was intercepted by an agent from the Gaming Division. He stated that card counting is a criminal offense and that he wanted to check the casino’s security videos first. A police officer also came to the casino and did not allow Joseph Shiraef to leave the casino.

He tried to draw attention to the fact that counting cards is not illegal by recording the events with his smartphone. Because the casino could not prove the guest was cheating, Shiraef was allowed to leave the casino but the flight was missed.

The actual incident occurred on October 19, 2021, and nearly a year later, Joseph Shiraef filed a lawsuit against the casino and the city. The case is currently being heard. In the lawsuit, the card counter is seeking $1.5 million in economic damages and an additional $1.5 million in damages.

like Rob Low FOX31 KDVR According to the report, the responsible tax authority commented on the behavior of the gaming agency: “A gaming official must thoroughly investigate the incident to ensure that Colorado rules were not violated.

In the incident you are asking about, the player left the facility in a hurry without the knowledge of the gaming official or the casino operator after refusing to comply with Colorado laws that require patrons to present identification and conduct questionable behavior..”

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