Things have calmed down around King's boss Leon Tsoukernik. At least a little about poker player Leon. Leon actually travels a lot, plays games, and enjoys life and art.

Leon at EPT Prague High Roller victory 2016

For many years, almost no day passed without Leon at King's. He has spent countless days in his casino since 2003, and his small cap casino has become the world famous King's Resort Rozvadov. It's in the middle of nowhere but it's known in the poker world. As the venue for the WSOP Europe, King's has risen to the ranks of elite poker casinos, but it was actually many other events that made King's what it is today. The many professional poker players who graced the tables certainly played a big role in King's rise. Mainly to compete with Leon in the cash game. It wasn't uncommon for the pros to suffer a bitter defeat, but Leon was still the big fish to catch. Nowadays, these duels are almost non-existent and the number of world-famous poker professionals at major events has also decreased significantly. “King's has gone uphill since we stopped chasing the pros.”is Leon's clear message. Of course he likes to think about the old days. but he doesn't want to play that way anymore. “They don't enjoy the game and when I play, I want to have fun too. Many wealthy businessmen think the same way; Poker is a great game, but it's not the way professionals play it. Most people have no respect and often don't even have money in their pockets to buy coffee. These are some of the reasons why some high stakes events work and some don't. In the past we wanted to have as many professionals as possible at the tables, but this was wrong. “At the last WSOP Europe and EPT Prague we had some really good games despite much lesser known names.” He even goes one step further and recalls his argument with Australian Matt a few years ago. Leon's debts have since been paid off. And Leon earned a few more million in later games. “Matt was greedy and what was left to him? Nothing!”. In general, Leon has problems with American professionals. Years ago, Justin Bonomo criticized him harshly and accused him of cheating. Leon had absolutely no idea when the search for Martin Kabrhel began at the last WSOP. “It's a small group of players who don't want anyone to come and win. Definitely not European. A card can break at any time. But if I have to justify myself right away, then the game won't be fun at all. I can do without it and so can many people I know. This means that these high rollers will only move their own money back and forth because you don't need that type of behavior. If professionals want to come to King's they are welcome. But they're paying to come and chase them, it's not going to happen.”

Short visit to Casino Vienna

The strategy certainly proves Leon right, as there is no shortage of high-stakes players doing well at the poker tables or casino games at King's. Leon himself is currently seen less at the poker tables, but more at the roulette table. And if it's only for two spins, just like it was at Casino Vienna at the beginning of last December. The visit to the opera had taken Leon to Vienna, and he wanted to go to the casino very late. The last two matches netted him almost €250,000. And the workers at Casino Vienna received a really big tip of more than €40,000. Overall, Leon has only good memories of his trips to Casinos Austria. Big roulette winnings also made the rounds during the German High Rollers registration at Casino Velden Legendary win in the “Book of Ra” slot at Casino Seefeld.

Leon kept the check from Casino Seefeld as a souvenir

But Leon doesn't just enjoy casino trips because life has to be lived, too. Leon celebrated his fiftieth birthday when the WSOP Europe was held at the King's Resort last November. He is in the Maldives with his family and closest friends. Art remains Leon's great passion. As an antiques dealer, he has been one of the world's top Biedermeier experts for almost 30 years. His private art collection is known not only in specialist circles. A visit to Leon's house is somewhat like visiting a museum, even though children and dogs run past the antiques as if they were self-assembled shelves from Ikea. If you know Leon and know that the hangar is actually named after the helicopter, at least you won't experience any element of surprise when you enter the huge hall. But everything else in it is jaw-dropping, too. The fleet is worth millions; After all, casino winnings also need to be deposited.

Leon – Refik Anadol in the background

In fact, the art between the cars and on the walls is much more valuable than the high-horsepower bodies. Some of the Tony Cragg statues were already at the King's Resort but received little attention from players there. Art connoisseurs appreciate Leon's incredible collection. The Albertina in Vienna also contacted him again. A third Albertina location will open at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg in April. “Post-1945 art” should be the focus, and to that end there is a credit to Leon. The work of media artist Refik Anadol will shed light on the new museum.

There is no boredom in Leon's life. Three casinos (King's Resort, Admiral Rozvadov, and also King's Prague) need attention, although they themselves are not found very often in casinos anymore. A new employee may even have to come to King's and show their ID because they've never seen the boss before. Leon is full of praise when he talks about his team. “We have a great team, whether it is Tarkan, Federico and many others who contribute to our success. Teresa is doing a great job in Prague and has developed some really good poker action there.”

A new version of the WSOP Circuit is now in operation King's Resort – and Leon is skiing in Italy with his family. If you're having trouble imagining Leon skiing, no, he's not actually skiing. But kids love it and it's not always about the roulette ball after all. And the 29th

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