The Malta Gaming Authority announces the suspension of the license of Arab Millionaire Online Casino : The Malta Gaming Authority announces the suspension of Arab Millionaire
The Malta Gaming Authority has announced the suspension of the license of Arab Millionaire Limited, due to a breach of licensing regulations. That was several weeks ago, and as a result of this decision, all casino services will be suspended, including offering online casino games.

According to the decision of the Malta Gaming Authority, the Arabian Millionaire Casino, based in the United Arab Emirates, will follow to stop offering gambling and lottery games from October 12, 2022. It will also stop accepting new players and invest and players.

With this, he will try to keep paying the players’ fees, as well as the government’s money.

The Malta Gaming Authority has decided not to license Arab Millionaire Casino in accordance with its core business activities. This comes to ensure the safety and security of the workers in the field of the casino as well as compliance with the game rescue regulations.


Reasons to stop the license of Arab Millionaire Casino

The Maltese authorities have taken the decision to suspend the license of Arab Millionaire Limited Casino, known as (, following a number of violations of licensing regulations, including:

1.The operators of the Arabian Millionaire casino broke the rules issued by the Maltese authorities

2.The casino has not fulfilled its regulatory obligations

3.There is no acceptance by the operator that the financial services are due on his behalf

4.Failure of the officer to pay the grant to the Malta Authority on time

5.Violations of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act

Arab Millionaire Casino to pay more attention. Including training casino staff and promoting proper budgeting to meet their financial obligations on time.

The Malta Gambling Authority also confirmed that it sent several requests to the casino operators to investigate these violations and find out the cause, but received no response from the casino operators. The authority also indicated that casino operators are always given the opportunity to respond to these violations if they wish.

The commission also asked Arab players to be careful when choosing an online casino operating in their country. There are some casinos that operate without a license and their number is more than 18 casinos.

Consequences of the suspension of the authority of the Maltese Authority on the Arab millionaire casino

After the suspension of the license of the Arab Millionaire Casino, given by the Malta Gaming Authority, there will be many negative and reasons, which will completely stop its work of providing games, and other consequences, the most important of which is. :

  1. It will stop offering casino games to players
  2. It will stop registering new players
  3. It will stop accepting new deposits from players
  4. He will pay for the payment for his name, whether he will pay the players or the Commission.
  5. But but

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