The best online gambling stocks to invest in in 2023 At a time when the trend was prevailing to invest in contracts and funds in the exchange market; Investing in the shares of the online gambling industry has become a promising field, and even experts consider it the dark horse, as it is the most growing field in the current period and for decades to come.

The gambling games industry is growing very rapidly in recent times, driven by the technological technologies that enhance it, which allowed the development of this industry in a unique way, to compete with land-based casinos, with the innovation of live dealer games, and the presence of mobile gambling applications.


It was the biggest boom in the gambling industry, in which it asserted its presence strongly, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world, which cast a shadow over traditional casinos, which witnessed a significant decline in the volume of their revenues, as a result of operating with little force, given the state of general closure in most of the casinos. the country, and some of them have closed completely.

At this time, online casinos witnessed unrivaled popularity and success, including the countries of the Middle East, which makes expectations that this industry will grow much faster than other fields, with the increase in the number of gamblers in the world to more than 1.6 billion gamblers, representing players. Arabs are a large segment of this number, according to official statistics.

According to this, expectations indicate that the gambling industry will witness an increase at a growth rate of 10.8% annually, to increase its investments to $ 516.03 billion last year, after it was worth $ 465.76 billion in the previous year 2020.

The best online gambling stocks to invest in in 2023

Can investing in the gambling industry be a successful investment in the Middle East?

The gambling industry is sure to continue to grow and thrive, especially with some countries in the Middle East region striving in the past two years 2021 and 2022 to legalize online casinos and online sports betting sites. At the same time, the industry is booming, driven by the support of some startups, to launch multi-category gambling platforms such as Bet365 Group Ltd. Which was launched in 2000, which has more than 23.1 million active gambling now, which provides Arab players and others with football betting, betting on horse racing and others in the best online sports betting sites and gambling games in online casinos.

The gambling industry is expected to continue to grow steadily and even rapidly. It has succeeded in adapting to conditions during the global pandemic Corona, driven by high technological breakthroughs. At a time when investment and hedge funds in the exchange market have not been able to withstand in the last ten years, and have not succeeded in keeping up with the unhedged returns of the exchange market indices.

The best online gambling companies to invest in

Through a simple search in the gambling industry, it is easy to identify the most successful gambling companies that achieve the highest revenues and whose shares in the global stock exchanges are witnessing a great rise and growth, which are considered the most reliable and popular brands in the Middle East and enjoy a good reputation among Arab players, ensuring that Investing with it in some very good stocks, among these companies that can be invested in:

1- 888 Holdings Company (888Holdings – PLC)

888 Holdings is one of the most famous gambling brands in the world and the Middle East, and it enjoys a good reputation among Arab players, which makes it one of the most important gambling companies with which investment is very good. It was founded in 1997, and its headquarters was on the island of Antigua, and it launched the first gambling website in the same year under the name Casino-on-Net, and it also launched the Reef Club Casino in 2002.

2- William Hill Company (WIMHY)

William Hill Gambling Company is also one of the most important companies in the gambling industry, which is a good destination for successful investment. It is one of the leading companies that started in 1934 from the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are in London and Leeds. Its shares were offered on the London Stock Exchange in 1993, when its ownership was transferred to the public.

3 – NetEnt casino game software company

Netent is one of the most famous gambling software providers, providing high-quality gaming software to online casinos, operating since 1996 from Sweden, headquartered in Stockholm, and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

4 – PlayTech Company – PTEC for casino game software

(Playtech – PTEC) This is also a high quality game programming company, supplying a large number of the best online casinos with its products of more than 500 games. It started in 1999 with its headquarters in the State of Israel, its shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2001, and after that it started a more important start in its career, as it acquired many large companies working in the field of developing gambling games programs, including Mubenga Company and Fusion Company.

In addition to acquiring a number of companies that own the best online sports betting sites, such as Genetti.

5 – LeoVegas – LEO.ST

LeoVegas is one of the most reliable brands in the world of online gambling industry, which has shone strongly in the past five years, and whose shares have been listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. It has achieved great popularity and tremendous success in its field of specialization, which is providing mobile applications for gambling, and one of its most famous brands is Leo Vegas Casino.

6- IGT casino game software company

This is another creator of quality online casino gaming software providers, operating in the United Kingdom and headquartered in London, and whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange.

It keeps pace with the latest technological technologies in creating its high-quality products, and recently entered the field of producing live dealer game programs through live broadcasts, allowing Arab players in various countries of the Middle East region to play their favorite table games with real dealers in online casinos. Certainly, this will increase the recovery of the shares of this giant, to become a very important area for profitable investment.

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