Forsa survey: Women spend less on lotteries than men

Satisfied people play the lottery more often. This emerges from a representative household survey conducted by the Forsa Institute on behalf of the University of Wuppertal. Main reason for betting: Dream of a million dollar jackpot and belief in luck. The dream is especially common among older people. Players of Classic Lotto 6aus49 are on average 62 years old, while Eurojackpot fans are 56 years old. People’s favorite numbers play a big role: Regular players usually always guess the same combination

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On average they spend 28.93 per month for 6aus49. On Eurojackpot, players bet an average of 16.40 euros per month. Women spend less money on lotteries than men.

The study once again impressively shows that the lotto is a highly ritualised game and punters buy their license to dream with each ticket,” says Christiane Jansen, managing director of WestLotto. Head of Research Prof. Dr. Mark Lutter, “motivational aspects of lottery games He presented his results to the public for the first time at the Bochum Gambling and Society Discussions on Friday.

Accordingly, Lotto and Eurojackpot players come from all educational backgrounds and have a sufficient average net income. “Spending on lottery items has a healthy relationship with associated revenue. “This also shows us that there is no need for additional regulation in terms of consumer protection for classic lotteries,” says Jansen. The study also provides implications for the growing variety of games available on the internet. In general, online bookmakers play less frequently, but with slightly higher bets.

Lotto and Eurojackpot classics are still in the acceptance phase; According to research, 30 percent of players now submit their tips online. However, a third of them are participants in illegal double lotteries such as Lotoland. “Such forms of gaming represent a fundamental disregard for the state’s promise of payment and guarantee of consumer protection. All gaming contracts concluded there can be described as void. It is important that we continue to educate people on this issue,” says Jansen.

According to Lutter research, bettors especially like to play in groups. A “positive network effect” can be observed, for example, in betting pools or when friends, acquaintances and colleagues play. However, this “group game” does not have a significant impact on spending.

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