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Updated on November 3, 2023 at 14:08

German lottery players will have higher chances of winning in the future. What is changing in the state lottery and how much is there to win in the future?

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New rules have come into force in Lotto 6 of 49 since Wednesday, November 1. The maximum jackpot will be increased from €45 million to €50 million and once the maximum jackpot is reached the previously guaranteed payout will no longer be valid. Instead the maximum gain remains jackpotuntil at least one player guesses the required winning numbers. The same regulation applies to the additional lottery Game 77, whose maximum jackpot has been increased to ten million euros. What the changes do in detail and why they will result in higher bonuses overall.

Players will have higher chances of winning in the future due to the change in the rules of 6 of the 49 State Lotto Lottos, which came into force on November 1. The previous maximum jackpot that can be won with six figures plus a super number will be increased from 45 million euros to 50 million euros.

6 out of 49 of the Lotto changed the rules: funds remained in the first category

Besides the size of the jackpot, there is another important change. If the maximum jackpot is reached and the first prize category is not full, the maximum winning amount remains in the jackpot until at least one game participant correctly writes down the six winning numbers plus the super number. Once the maximum jackpot is reached, the previously guaranteed payout will no longer be changed.

Additionally, any future distribution amounts exceeding the maximum earnings amount will remain in the first category. These amounts will be used as an additional amount in the first prize category in the first draw after the maximum jackpot is won. As a result, the size of the starting jackpot in the first category will increase after a jackpot has been won before.

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Change in the 77th game: Bigger jackpots from the start

Similarly, regulations regarding the distribution of the maximum jackpot in the additional lottery Game 77 will also be regulated. The jackpot for Game 77 may increase in the future up to a maximum of ten million Euros and will remain unchanged until one or more players match the seven-digit ticket number with the winning number drawn for Game 77.

The previously guaranteed payout is also no longer valid after twelve draws in which the prize category winner is not filled; This means that a higher starting jackpot can be generated after the maximum jackpot phase. As in Lotto 6 out of 49, all payout amounts exceeding the maximum winning amount in the 77th game will remain in the first category.

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