Artificial intelligence world star Refik Anadol became the first artist to cover the dome Globe in Las Vegas Name your canvas. Since September 1, the LED façade has been shining with Generative Artificial Intelligence images. Pixels in Earth’s largest spherical structure shine in ever-changing constellations. The data artwork is fueling the excitement for the official launch in less than a month. On September 29, rock band U2 will light up Sphere from the inside for the first time (invidis report).

Machine Hallucinations is the name of the installation adapted by Refik Anadol for the front of Küre. The data picture consists of two series: Space and Nature. Both series use large amounts of data to create abstract images of space and nature. Refik Anadol’s studio collaborated with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Space series. Data artists fed artificial intelligence photos of satellites and spacecraft. Among them were millions of raw images recorded by the ISS and Hubble telescopes.

Height, interior LED, demonstrations: all the facts about the Las Vegas Sphere

How is the wind blowing in Vegas?

The Nature series consists of two parts. The first is based on more than 300 million photos of flora and fauna. Algorithms create unique, virtual shapes from these real images. The second episode of the Nature series is called “Sphere: Winds of Las Vegas”. Based on real-time wind speed, precipitation and barometric pressure data captured by API wind sensors in Las Vegas.

“It is very exciting to see such an architectural and engineering marvel on the big screen. This opportunity fits perfectly with our studio’s long-term mission of integrating media arts into architecture to create living architectural works that are in constant interaction with their environment.”

Refik Anadol

For over a year, Sphere’s operators – globeentertainment – the voltage arc associated with the opening of the mega-building. In February, the announcement of their opening concert with U2 came. The façade is lit up in the colors of the US flag, on the occasion of the 4th of July Independence Day. It befits a digital art world star like Refik Anadol to use this for the first time with data art.

At 111 meters high and 157 meters wide, the Sphere is the world’s largest spherical structure. Both the exterior and interior of the dome are covered with LED modules. A total of 1.2 million units were installed from LED manufacturer Saco, which also equipped the facade of Burj Khalifa.

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