He’s having the run of his life!

Leon Sturm (23) is currently playing like another poker star. The German actor is really hot right now and is on his way from success to success. His final coup: $25,000 tournament GGPoker (Advertisement) comes in fourth and receives an incredible 342,000 Euros. This isn’t the first time he’s actually won in the last few weeks.

Poker professional won 730,000 euros in one month

Sturm has managed to cash in on many major events since the end of August. First 272,000 euros, then 113,000 euros in a heads-up tournament a week ago. Now it is 342,000 euros. But these are the six-figure sums brought only by the Saarlanders. It also has much smaller profits than coal, so its profits reach almost a million euros. This was added to the €2.82 million he won online and then live at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in the summer. Unbelievable!

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Especially: Sturm is only 23 years old and is actually experiencing the best period of his student life. But instead of studying at university, he prefers to learn poker theory, and it really pays off. Since he lives in Vienna, he even has the luxury of not paying any competition tax on his winnings. As a professional player he would have to pay taxes on everything in Germany. Does this mean that he actually offered some of his money to himself? Meanwhile: Portugal’s Joao Vieira took the win. Sturm received twice his earnings and paid 718,000 euros.

The next important development is already waiting for poker fans: the Super High Roller Bowl will be held in Las Vegas – the entry fee is 283,000 euros. Only the best players in the world can afford to participate. Sturm, who is definitely one of them, is not at the beginning. He is currently focusing on his online career. However, it is guaranteed that he will participate in these mega tournaments in the near future. If his run continues, he is guaranteed to win big there too.

But it also works without using it! You can play for free on the GGPoker online platform every Friday evening at 21.15. The password is distributed on X accounts (formerly Twitter). There is a total prize pool of $1500.

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