The Italian Federal Prosecutor’s Office imposed a seven-month ban on Juventus player Nicolò Fagioli for betting on football matches.

Reports emerged last week about Fagioli claiming he had placed bets on an unlicensed gambling site. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) states that athletes found betting on sports may face a ban of up to three years.

Two more Italian national team players, Newcastle United’s Sandro Tonali and Aston Villa player Nicolo Zaniolo, were later revealed to be under investigation and withdrew from selection.

According to the news of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Fagioli reached an agreement with the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. This is in line with Article 126 of the CGS, which allows the person under investigation to apply for a reduced sanction. Fagioli wants to find €12,500 (£10,849/$13,239)

Other reports today (October 17) say Tonali’s manager, Guiseppe Riso, has confirmed that he has a gambling addiction. Henry Winter, Times Sport’s chief football writer wrote to x Riso, formerly known as Twitter, said Tonali was “in shock, very upset” at an event.

“The Federation is on Sandro’s side,” Riso reportedly said. “He plays his most important game against his betting addiction.” Riso was speaking at the Italian embassy in London.

Yesterday Serie A football club Juventus Contacted the Italian football federation It’s about Fagioli’s betting habits.

The FIGC said Fagioli had breached Article 24 of the CGS, which prohibits football players and football club members from “betting on football events organized by the FIGC, UEFA and Fifa”.

Fagioli was officially disqualified for 12 months, shortened by five months to allow for “alternative prescriptions”. This means Fagioli will be cleared to participate in therapy for at least six months.

He will also have to make ten appearances at amateur sports associations, federal territorial centers and centers for recovery from gambling addiction.

The FIGC said the Federal Prosecutor’s Office would monitor the agreement and that it could be terminated if Fagioli violated the agreement.

“The Federal Prosecutor’s Office will ensure compliance with what is stated and, in case of violation, will take measures within its competence, in accordance with the CGS, by terminating the agreement and continuing the disciplinary investigation before the decision-making bodies of sports justice. ” said FIGC.

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