A unique experience, an unforgettable show. MSG Sphere is the new favorite of Las Vegas. However, there is still a long way to win the ball. Now the CFO has also thrown in the towel.

Sphere is much more than a giant LED ball. Inside, visitors can expect a mix of cinema and concert hall. In addition to U2, there is currently the admirable “Postcards from the World” show.

Sphere Entertainment Co announced its third quarter results. There was a huge loss of $98.4 million here. It’s not surprising because… only since the end of September Visitors can enter the $2.3 billion building.

It is not yet known whether the project will actually make a profit. Sphere was labeled a bankrupt project very early on. One reason for this is CEO James Dolan.

The billionaire is considered a pessimistic person. Rangers (NHL) and Knicks (NBA) fans were already banned after Dola’s outbursts. As the team owner and boss of Madison Square Garden, it’s easy.

But the American is also pretty harsh on employees. Dolan recently fired Lucas Watson and Jenna Wolfenson, The Sphere’s president and director of business operations.

Along with Gautam Ranji, another member of the management team also left the company. Ranji left of his own accord, but James Dolan was still in charge. Like Alexandra riding a bike for them New York Post Reportedly, Gautam Ranji resigned after Dolan “screamed and screamed” his dissatisfaction.

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