Investigators launched several campaigns against illegal gambling and drug trafficking. In some cases they find what they are looking for, in other cases things get complicated.

A joint operation by the security service and the police revealed illegal gambling on the premises of a delivery service in Bremen. According to a Bremen police report, two men, aged 53 and 54, are suspected of illegally offering sports betting and other games of chance. A spokesperson reported this on Monday.

The investigation revealed that there were eight other visitors at the scene in addition to those suspected of being responsible. During their investigation, police teams found sports betting terminals, two gaming machines and a tablet with live betting and betting odds. Various electronic data carriers and 15 mobile phones were also seized. Violations of commercial legislation were also detected.

Bremer Neustadt: Checked several kiosks

The police then closed the restaurant on Senator-Apelt-Straße in Woltmershausen, sealed the doors and, among other things, launched an investigation into the organization of an unauthorized game of chance.

As part of the measures, emergency services checked other commercial properties, including four kiosks in Bremer Neustadt and Bahnhofsvorstadt. Various violations of youth protection, the Narcotics Act and trade regulations were recorded.

Young man attacked police officer with knife

Additionally, the police and public order office carried out checks to combat street crime in the Bahnhofsvorstadt and Steintorviertel. Many drug bunkers have been excavated.

In one case, a law enforcement officer was physically assaulted by a minor, resulting in minor injuries to three police officers. According to the information obtained, the young man ran towards the police with a knife in his hand. However, the police managed to neutralize and arrest him. His legal guardians later picked him up from the station.

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