11 people were arrested during the Naples prosecutor's office's investigations into an illegal betting system linked to Austria. It is stated that the suspects are involved in illegal gambling or betting activities, money laundering and embezzlement. A Lithuanian woman was also reported in Klagenfurt.

3 of the suspects are in custody and 7 are under house arrest. They are said to have set up a complex betting system with manipulated machines and cash winning devices in stores in the province of Naples. Investigators announced this on Thursday.

A Serbian gambling company with headquarters in a shopping mall in Klagenfurt is also involved. The house of a Lithuanian woman living in Klagenfurt, who was also accused, was seized. 150,000 euros buried in the garden of the house were confiscated. 14 properties were seized as part of the investigation. The bets are said to have bypassed anti-money laundering regulations. According to the police, bets of up to 100,000 euros were placed.

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