Gamstop, Great Britain's national self-export scheme, has reported a 9.5% annual increase in new registrations for 2023.

More than 92,000 players registered with Gamstop in the 12 months to 31 December. This is a new record for the program. Previous record of 84,000 It is set for 2022.

55% of registrants opted for a five-year gambling ban, the longest period possible through Gamstop. Other exclusion periods include six months and one year.

92,000 UK players signed up to gamstop in 2023

In addition to record annual figures, Gamstop registrations hit a new monthly record in May, bringing the total number of registrations for the month to 8,591.

More young people are signing up to Gamstop

Annual data comes after Gamstop Released an update in August for the first half of the year. Some trends from the first half carried over to the second half.

These include an increase in the number of young people enrolling in the program. In the second half, there was a 31% year-on-year increase in registrations from people aged 16-24. This age group accounted for 21% of new registrations in the six months to December; This rate was 17% compared to the previous year.

A total of 433,357 consumers have registered with Gamstop since the program was launched in April 2018.

“We continue to see a year-on-year increase in the number of people signing up, demonstrating the importance of self-exclusion, alongside other prevention tools and support, for anyone struggling with gambling,” said Gamstop CEO Fiona Palmer.

“We want to continue to raise awareness of Gamstop to anyone who could benefit from self-exclusion and to the friends and families of anyone affected by gambling.”

Spreading Gamstop awareness

Palmer also touched on the increase in the number of young people signing up to Gamstop. He said that efforts will continue to make more people in the 16-24 age group aware of the service.

“The prevalence of young adults among Gamstop registrants demonstrates the importance of educating young consumers and we will continue our outreach to this age group in 2024, working collaboratively with like-minded organizations and leveraging the support of our football club partners,” Palmer said.

Challenges with illegal operators

Even though more people are using Gamstop, the service faces some challenges from illegal operators. Some unlicensed sites specifically market their services as not integrating with Gamstop, allowing registered players to continue gambling.

Yield Sec found thousands of Google searches bidding to help prevent self-exclusion. As of January 2024, Yield Sec identified millions of “not on Gamstop” and other similar Google search results.

As a result, Yield Sec said at-risk players have fallen through the “trap door” of betting with illegal and potentially dangerous operators that are not monitored by tools such as Yield Sec and Gamstop.

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