Tropicana Las Vegas will close its doors on April 2. Two days before the 67th anniversary. Iconic casino is being demolished as baseball stadium.

The Oakland Athletics are moving to Las Vegas. There's a new stadium to make the Las Vegas A's feel at home in Sin City. 33,000 seats are planned and the project is expected to cost approximately $1.5 billion. Construction continues on an area of ​​approximately 9 hectares and the groundbreaking ceremony is planned to be held in 2025.

By then the Tropicana must be demolished. The legendary resort is a relic from the Rat Pack era. With a construction cost of $15 million ($162.65 million in today's money), it was the most expensive casino in Las Vegas at the time. The first guests were welcomed on April 4, 1957.

The closing date has now been announced. Las Vegas Locally shared an internal letter on Twitter, citing April 2nd. Approximately 700 jobs were affected by the closure.

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