$24 for six nacho chips. A user on Twitter condemned Fontainebleau and it went viral. Quite independently of the Nachogate incident, another top executive resigned.

Fontainebleau opened It opens its doors in mid-December. But the beginning is not smooth at all. At the end of December, Michael Clifford (the casino's senior vice president) threw in the towel.

In the second week of January, COO Colleen Birch and CMO Shane Smith resigned from their positions, and this week Angie Dobney (VP of Revenue Management) bid farewell. But it's not just the executive suite that has problems.

Twitter user Mike Herman tested The Tavern in the casino's Sportsbook and was very disappointed. “Hey Fontainebleau, we waited an hour for food at Sportsbook and these are our chips???” he commented.

Six nachos priced at $24 went viral. Angry Twitter users quickly arrived on the scene, and it didn't take long #NachoGate officially commented.

Hello Mike. We're sorry to hear you've been waiting an hour for your food and we appreciate your feedback on this menu item. Our priority is to provide a first-class dining experience to each of our guests. If you would like to talk about what happened, please send us a direct message with more information.

But Las Vegas residents refused to accept this soft PR response. Numerous Twitter posts showed that you could get a plateful of nachos for less money. The issue caused a great stir and was even featured on local television.

Fontainebleau responded to the PR disaster and improved its offering. “The tavern menu was designed to be 'popular pub grub but elevated'.

While Nachos is going through an awkward time, we hope you can overlook our initial difficulties. We're happy to report that they make a great snack.”

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