Are casinos obliged to prevent problem gamblers from placing bets? A judge in New Jersey answered that question with a resounding “no.”

Sam Antar filed a lawsuit against Borgata Casino and its parent company, MGM Resorts. This was due to more than 100,000 bets Antar placed in 2019, worth a total of $30 million.

According to the player, he continued to receive offers despite the casino knowing about his compulsive gambling behavior. Exact gambling losses are unknown; According to court documents, Sam Antar is said to have lost “at least a six-figure amount.”

However, the money will not be refunded due to the rejection of the case. He's like Wayne Parry to them Associated press Judge Cox Arleo reportedly reasoned as follows:

The New Jersey Legislature (…) has not yet ruled that casinos have an obligation to prevent or stop gambling by individuals with problem gambling behavior (…) Legally, defendants do not owe plaintiffs a general duty of care under negligence law.

Like other states, New Jersey has a prohibited registration. Once a player registers there, both real and online casinos must exclude that player from participation. There are high penalties for violations.

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