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Citizens discussed banning so-called loot boxes. These boxes will encourage players to buy and can make them addicted.

In Bremen, the SPD, the Greens and the Left want to further protect people from computer and console gaming addiction. According to the will of the ruling coalition, the Bremen state government should work at the federal level to ban so-called loot boxes. This situation also receives criticism from the opposition.

Loot boxes can be described as virtual grab bags. It is offered to players in addition to purchasing the game and promises useful earnings; In fact, in some cases, they are absolutely necessary to continue playing.

Some of them are programmed in such a way that a useful benefit appears only immediately after the purchase, thus encouraging players to deposit additional money. According to left-wing politician Dariush Hassanpour, this principle can lead to dependence on the red-green-red government. He pointed out that professional players sometimes spend six-figure sums to get the right content.

Children, teenagers and adults are trapped in addiction in this way. They encourage players to buy more and more in the hope of obtaining something of value, and this can lead to an addiction that has serious consequences on their physical and financial health.

Dariush Hassanpour, Left refugee policy spokesman

Dariush Hassanpour (Left)

Maike Schaefer, the Green Party's consumer protection spokesperson, spoke of a treacherous system that is not easy to understand, especially for children. The red-green-red state government also demands that additional functions, such as in games on consoles, can in future be paid only with real money, rather than virtual money, so that players can keep track of costs.

Criticism of the opposition

CDU, FDP and Alliance Germany rejected the application. Christian Democrats oppose a blanket ban on loot boxes and instead rely on stronger regulations. FDP and Alliance Germany consider the request for a blanket ban to be legally untenable.

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